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Like every morning Bimer sits at his desk. Just moments ago he had to tell a would-be-trainee there's no place for him. Every minute or so he looks at Beamer's picture. "... that's he before you murdered him..." It's written black on white, and the author of the letter is Almira who he would like to have called sister-in-law... Meta-Knight enters the office. "Good morning Bimer. How are you?", he asks. "I'm fine." Bimer anwsers, but that's a lie. In truth he feels terrible and is barely able to hide the picture of Beamer, before Meta-Knight sees it. "Really? You don't really look like it." Meta says doubtingly. "I've told you, it's nothing." "If you say so... Did we get mail already?" "No." At just this moment, the mailman enters the office. "Delivery for Mr. Meta-Knight!" he says. "That's me." Meta-Knight anwsers and get's the packet pushed into his arms. While Bimer recieves some letters, Meta-Knight opens his packets.


"WHAT WAS THAT?!", Kirby shouts und races ouside of his office. Meta-Knight survived the bomb, although not unharmed. Bimer got some scratches, too. "A bom in a packet? What if the mailman got hurt?" he openly wonders. "The culprit most likely watched us or the bomb explodes the moment I open the packet, a action the mailman would certainly not do." Meta-Knight says and checks the packet. "WHAT - WAS - THAT?!" Kirby asks, entering Bimer's office quite exhausted. "Well, the mailman gave us a..." Bimer starts, but he is interrupted by Meta-Knight shouting: "A-HA! Just a little bomb I was supposed to survive! There is something written on it... >>Happy Halloween, you bastard<<! Who was that?" Kirby says: "Seems to be a job for me. If you're not against it, I'll invertigate it, Meta." "Fine with me, but stop the rhyming. I'll study this packe a bit." he anwsers. "Weeeeeeeeeeeeell... No fingerprints, suggesting a smart sender. Wonder, who it was, though..." Meta drowns in his thoughts.

Meanwhile Kirby questions the post-office. "You gotta know where this packet comes from!" he says politely. "I'd like to help you, but it was an anonymous letter und I don't know, who wrote it. Well then, good bye, and a scary halloween." the mailman says to the disappointed Kirby. But Kirby finds a trace. A deep footprint, which Kirby follows. At the same time, Meta-Knight finds a hint towards the culprit: The handwriting was in the PC. Kirby and Meta-Knight collide into each other, as they look at the ground, following the prints. "Watch out, you fool!" Meta shouts.

After that, they enter a sinister building in which nobody dared to enter. Directly after entering they are attacked by a giant creature, a Big Metalun! "YOU ENRAGED MASTER GHOSTER! METI ANGRY, EVIL CREATURES WANT TO ENRAGE MASTER GHOSTER EVEN FURTHER! ATTACK!!!" the loyal Meti shouts. But Meta-Knight weakens him with his Galaxia, enabling Kirby to activate his hand-vacuum-cleaner and inhale Meti. But he exhales him after he said that Ghoster told him to bring the letter to the post. And then Ghoster appears and says: "I wasn't to mean. I only wanted to scare you, it's halloween after all. I really didn't want to make you mad and it only was a smoke bomb. I'm sorry for the writing." "Mister Ghoster, it may have been a joke, but because of you we had to sacrifice our time AND you insulted a police officer. I have to beg you to not do this again." Kirby says. Ghoster promises it and Kirby as well as Meta-Knight walk towards the Waddle 8.

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