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Dim lights in Noirdorf

"They won't miss me...," Gerda thinks. "But now I'm going to think about how to pester those freaks... I need some black clothes, to enter that village... ah, here. Ok, let's get there." Gerda leaves, going to Noirdorf. Since she has no idea, where Noirdorf is, she asks Bimer whom she met by surprise. "Morning? Work started a few hours ago. What do you do here? I've never seen you not working...," Bimer says, not thinking about to stop, until Gerda interrupts him. "Haven't you been to Noirdorf?" "Yes. Why? Is there...," he stops because he realizes, that Gerda wears black clothes. "You don't go there allone, it's way to..." "...dangerous? Look, I'm also an owner of special powers, mine are just cold."

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